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Many of us have outgrown the capabilities of 1GbE-based networks but don’t have the budget to upgrade to the ridiculously priced enterprise 10GbE solutions. ASUS is attempting to change that after releasing their 10GbE switch […]

AMD’s Dual-CPU EPYC Lineup Revealed! 32-cores and 64-threads at 3.2GHz with 2TB of memory in 8 DRAM channels and 128 PCI-E lanes!!!   Full Detailed Review By “”   Live Updates: Courtesy of “The Benjamins” […]

Quote We’ve written a lot back and forth about GDDR5X versus HBM2 (and GDDR6 these days). Nvidia did not place all their eggs in one basket, AMD pretty much did so for high-end. That being the […]

AMD Enjoying High Yields For Zen Based Processors – More Than 80% Of Dies Have All 8 Cores Fully Operational   Spoiler “According to a report from, they are currently enjoying yields upwards of […]

It is a know rumor that X299 chipsets being leaked everywhere. While at it, AnandTech forum member “Sweepr” posted some interesting specs about upcoming processors (could be a rumor). Listing out some interesting processor naming […]

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