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Videocardz (and a user) have leaked pictures of Sapphire’s new Rx480 cards. First one is the reference card, we already know. Sapphire has added their own backplate:     And for the main event, Sapphire’s Nitro […]

What is AMDs new high bandwidth memory. HBM achieves higher bandwidth with less power than DDR4 and GDDR5. To do this, it uses 3D packaging of several memory chips (dies), stacked together and connected with many I/O through-silicon vias (TSV) and thermal […]

Needless to say these newcomers will be AMD’s fastest and most advanced graphics chips to date. The Fiji GPU, both the XT and Pro variants, form the foundation of AMD’s new ultra enthusiast “Fury” brand. […]

Nvidias new flagship card has been announced today and it’s definitely a better price to performance card than the Titan X, but they can charge a premium for that cause of the VRAM. I think […]

Compare TFT Vs LCD

Compare TFT Vs LCD, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens have been doing the rounds for a long time now. They have been part of the TV screens, computer monitors, cell phones, calculators, clocks, etc. As […]

Compare Unipolar Vs Bipolar Transistor, Transistor which is the electronic module semiconductor, has an amazing capability of controlling the effective resistance by restraining main signal even from a great distance. There are mainly two types […]

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