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Light Meter Hero

Why do some photographers carry a separate light meter once there’s a perfectly good one engineered into their camera? in a shell, it’s because standalone incident light meters are more correct over a wider range […]

Another simple, fun and addictive game for Android is “Color Matching Challenge”. This game is simple to play, you have a colored platform with different colors on the screen bottom. From top different shapes with […]

Fury Road is a old school 2D scrolling racer with integrated google leader boards letting you race against your friends. The game is simple to navigate and play. The game consists of weaving between traffic […]

The main features that have come out of the android M preview are: App Permissions Management Users can now manage each app permission individually and apps will request permissions when they need and not on […]

Well with the recent news about GameWorks killing competitors hardware performance. Nvidia has announced that GameWorks is coming to Android, with a lot of their sauce so developers can use their tools to make gaming […]

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