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#OurMine YouTube Hack

Source: (   Essentially a lot of big name Youtube Channel have their Youtube Title and description renamed to below:   It seems to both link to the YouTube Video and Link […]

Windows Central is reporting that a new feature called ‘Tabbed Shell’ may be coming to Windows in a future update.  From the Windows Central article: Quote Per our sources, Tabbed Shell is a feature […]

Sauce:   Quote A new leak confirms Radeon RX 500 series specifications along with a new dual-fan reference design. Four cards are being prepared for launch next week, including RX 580/570/560 and RX 550.   […]

Source,   Quote The Shadow Brokers—the mysterious person or group that over the past eight months has leaked a gigabyte worth of the National Security Agency’s weaponized software exploits—just published its most significant release yet. […]

Researchers at Newcastle University have been able to guess 4-digit pin codes with amazing accuracy, just by analysing the data from rotation sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers. Unlike you camera and GPS for instance, mobile apps and […]

(Source)   The more weab among us may recognize the above character’s name, and for those who don’t, she goes by Captain Marusa. In this scenario, she’s stolen “your precious files,” and the only way […]

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