Nano Graphene Water Cooling Coolant In Development

From OverClock.Net forum in the Mayhems thread.

Mayhem said:

Mayhems is proud to announce a new partnership with CPI UK (centre for process and innovation) in relation to producing one of the most advance Nano Graphene based non conductive coolant ever seen to date. Up 😀to 20% more thermally conductive than water alone from 20c upto 90c also its one of the most chemically stable coolants compered to any other the market brands with less additives. Best of all non toxic! once again only from Mayhems fully IP protected.

Every thing is going though Development atm so it will take some time before every thing is ready. We will be keeping an eye out for possible testers once were ready.

Update: Mick from Mayhems posted this below, updating original post to reflect new information.



Hello All.


Yes we have been working with CPI for a very long time so the message starter on OCN is a little deceiving and ill correct that. We have worked with CPI in the past to make several coolants more stable and the knowledge we have gained from that is allowing us to produce a new coolant from the ground up. The new coolant is a Graphene based type product (cannot go into much detail about it).

What are its advantages so far  and why make it?


1) Its is Chemically inert to PH imbalances.

2) Uses a very limited amount of chemicals.

3) Possibly up to 20 to 30% better cooling than water alone (tested in lab environment not real world as of yet).

4) 1 nm thick (pastel is 40nm and aurora 40 to 100nm)

5) Completely new tech never been done before.

6) Uses tech that lubricates pumps and o-rings on the fly with out wetting them.

7) Will prolong the life of your equipment.

8) Should out last the life of your PC. (TBC)

9) Initially will cost a little more to start with but should come down in price as and if we do go into full production,


Why do it … why not :).


Initially it will not be coloured as this effects its raw performance.




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