Biostar announces new RYZEN mining motherboard





Motherboard manufacturer Biostar just released a new AMD AM4 based motherboard specifically for gpu mining able to support AMD and Nvidia cards mining at the same time. Featuring just 2 DDR4 dimms, 6 PCIe slots and 2x additional 12V 4pin power headers to help power your 6 cards. Seems a bit odd as they promote it on social media with the phrase “Time is money to make your ROI the most efficient” but chose to base this on Ryzen, which has no CPU in a price bracket near the Celerons, Pentiums and i3s used by most mining rigs. The cheapest Ryzen CPU, the R5 1400 comes in at $169.99, almost 3x the price of the Pentium G4400 at $59.99. No information on pricing or availability just yet for the motherboard but hopefully soon before the craze starts fading for their sake.




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