80% of Ryzen processors have 8 working cores

AMD Enjoying High Yields For Zen Based Processors – More Than 80% Of Dies Have All 8 Cores Fully Operational




“According to a report from Bitsandchips.it, they are currently enjoying yields upwards of 80% which basically means that more than 80% of the Zen dies fabricated have all 8 cores fully functional.”


“Since the yields are above 80%, this means that the company will be able to increase in profits in two ways: either by decreasing the ASP (Average Selling Price) of the derivative products and shipping more volume and therefore larger profit, or, by simply increasing its profit margin on the products and keeping price the same. Looking at AMD’s core philosophy however, we may expect the silicon giant to go with the former approach and drop ASP all round. This means that products such as Naples which employ more than 1 core will also see a proportional ASP drop.”

It would be nice if amd lowers ryzen prices. But mostly I am wondering how possible it would be to enable the disabled cores in r5s that would essentially turn them into an r7s. like enabling the extra 4gb in 4gb rx 480s or turning a 480 into a 580. Would it be possible and if so how would it be done.

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