Intel Core i9 Processors Might be Incoming

It is a know rumor that X299 chipsets being leaked everywhere. While at it, AnandTech forum member “Sweepr” posted some interesting specs about upcoming processors (could be a rumor). Listing out some interesting processor naming scheme such as Intel Core i9. ┬áThis list includes CPUs that are listed for release in June, though there is also Intel’s rumored 12-core Skylake-X flagship, which is listed for an August release.




If the above table is true, they’re after AMD to smash their Ryzen 7 lineup. Looking at those 7820x and 7900x those Boost Clock speeds are higher than Ryzen 7 1800x. This could be useful in many ways!


– L2 cache = 1MB (Skylake-X), 4x as much as Core i7-7700K
– Dual DDR4-2666 for Kaby Lake-X / Quad DDR4-2666 for Skylake-X
– 112W for Kaby Lake-X / up to 160W for Skylake-X
– Apparently all Core i9 parts support AVX-512 (TBC)
– Launch in June, except 7920X (August)




For 10-Core Skylake-X benchmark, Click Here.

For 12-Core Skylake-X benchmark, Click Here.


From WCCFTech (obviously not the best place for trustworthy source)


7920x is a juggernaut featuring a total of 12 cores and 24 threads. The total cache on this behemoth is 16.5 MB (L3). Although lower than whole cache featured on previous HEDT processors, the new cache runs more efficiently and reduces chip size and cost while delivering better performance. The chip would ship with a TDP of 160W and will feature a quad channel IMC allowing for up to eight DDR4 DIMMs (two per channel) clocked at 2666 MHz (native).


As for the pricing, Intel could price this over $2000. Because, previously i7-6950x was priced around 1700 bucks. So, they’ll definitely increase the price for i9, if this is true.


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