The Acer Predator X27 has almost every feature you might ever want in a monitor

…it might be easier to list what it doesn’t have instead of what specs it does have…





Acer has just officially announced the Predator x27 after teasing it last CES. Lets go straight into what its specs:

  • 4k (3840x2160p)
  • 144hz
  • 27″
  • 1000 nit
  • HDR
  • 99% Adobe RGB
  • G-Sync
  • Nvidia’s ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur)
  • Quantom Dot
  • Tobii eye-tracking

While all of those features together stand out and make this an extrordinary monitor, what really stands out is that 1000 nit brightness. While the highest nit for monitors has been 400, this monitor is able to achieve 1000 nit with its 384 backlights.



This is basically the holy grail of PC displays, folks. But it isn’t the only one; Asus is working on a G-Sync HDR monitor of its own with similar specs. Neither company has released crucial pricing or release-date info, however. Considering the premium on current G-Sync panels and the no-compromises list of luxurious features in the first G-Sync HDR panels, don’t expect the Predator X27 to be cheap—or the firepower needed to use it to its full capabilities. You’d need not one, but two $700 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards to even come close to hitting 144Hz at 4K resolution in most games.

This monitor is literally insane. The only thing I can think that would make it better would to be an ultrawide and be an OLED, but its still the first of its kind in many aspects. But I can only imagine how much this baby will cost.

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