Galax 1080TI HOF is Coming…. 3 8-pins and 16+3 Power Design






The PCB on the card is going to be a lot of fun for overclockers. It packs a 16+3 (GPU+VRAM) Phase power design.The VRMs are cooled by a small aluminum heatsink while the rest of the PCB is cooled by the fans. There are multiple voltage reading points on the back of the PCB along with three connectors for the fans and two connectors for the LED ring and crown lighting. The card itself is powered by three 8-pin power connectors which deliver tremendous amounts of power to the PCB allowing for monster clock bumps on LN2 cooling. Expect this card to cost a lot when it hits the market.


If this isn’t stuck at 1.093v like my 1080FTW is, its an instant buy for me. I don’t need to wait for volta. Past HOF cards have been crazy. I wonder if this means there will be some sort of kingpin card from EVGA now?

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