The RX5xx lineup has leaked in its entirety, launching April 18th




A new leak confirms Radeon RX 500 series specifications along with a new dual-fan reference design. Four cards are being prepared for launch next week, including RX 580/570/560 and RX 550.


We have the RX580:



Then the RX570:




The comes the RX560, the full fat P11 chip:



And finally the RX550, an 8CU/512SP card designed as the entry level card to replace people’s iGPUs:



The entire lineup, with what it seems includes some way better reference designs and no more blower coolers:




So yeah. If you have the previous RX4xx lineup there’s pretty much no reason to upgrade. But if you have an older card this is a great time for a RX series card. AMD made good use of the year it had refining their 14 nm process which should result in better overclocks all around the lineup. No pricing yet, but expect them to be pretty much the same as the previous cards (after the launch day price gauging of course).

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