MicroSoft is actively blocking W7/8/8.1 Windows Updates on KabyLake and Ryzen systems




MS is now actively blocking updates when it detects:

  • Intel seventh (7th)-generation processors or later
  • AMD “Bristol Ridge” or later
  • Qualcomm “8996″ or later



When you try to scan or download updates through Windows Update, you receive the following error message:
Unsupported Hardware
Your PC uses a processor that isn’t supported on this version of Windows  and you won’t receive updates.
Additionally, you may see an error message on the Windows Update window that resembles the following:
Windows could not search for new updates
An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer.
Error(s) found:
Code 80240037 Windows Update encountered an unknown error.


MS doing everything in their bag of shitty tricks to stop people from using W7/8/8.1

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