Light Meter Hero

Why do some photographers carry a separate light meter once there’s a perfectly good one engineered into their camera? in a shell, it’s because standalone incident light meters are more correct over a wider range of photographic situations. That’s because they measure the light falling on the subject from the direction of the camera, not the reflected light that bounces back into the camera.

Light Meter Hero calibrates the light then advises you on aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
If you’ve seen a photographer hold a little gadget close to his or her subject, pointing what looks like a small white bulb within the direction of the camera, that’s what’s happening: The photographer is measuring the light and using its recommendation to set the camera’s aperture and shutter speed.

Light meter hero has a very easy to use interface, showing not only the current lx reading but also graphing  past lux readings to help keep your photos looking the best they can be.


Screenshot_2016-05-17-13-24-27 Screenshot_2016-05-17-13-24-46

Download Here From Google Play


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