R9 Fury X confirmed at a $649 price point

During AMD’s E3 presentation, the R9 Fury x was announced amongst a host of other new cards. The low price point is a big point provided the benchmarks can confirm the figures shown in the presentation. During the presentation they had the R9 fury X running Tomb Raider in 4k at 60 FPS and Sniper Elite 3 in 5K at 45 FPS which is extremely impressive considering the Titan x and 980ti top out around the 56 FPS on Tomb Raider. This could be the high end card that AMD fans were expecting to provided some competition amongst the Nividia cards which are in the $650 to $700 range.

Also during the presentation it was mentioned that the card comes with a TDP of 275 Watts to keep the card under 50 C under load but has the potential to be over clocked to output around 500 Watts with aftermaket cooling making it an awesome card for overclocking.

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