Skype crashes if you send this message and it wont stop crashing

Receiving a message on skype containing the characters “http://:” was reported to crash the software when running on Windows, Android, or iOS. In some cases every time you open Skype , it launches and then quickly crashes.

The bug works as described on Windows, Android, and iOS. It does not, however, seem to have any effect on Skype for Mac nor Skype for modern Windows (the touch-friendly Metro app).

Next, we sent the characters from Skype for Mac to Skype for Windows. This not only crashed the Windows app but it also killed it for good. Now every time I open Skype (which is set to automatically sign me in), it launches and then quickly crashes.

Skype user “Lazymax” notes that you can get around the bug if the person who sent you the characters deletes the “bad” message. If you then install an older version of Skype, you can use it again


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