Nvidias new flagship card has been announced today and it’s definitely a better price to performance card than the Titan X, but they can charge a premium for that cause of the VRAM.
I think the most important aspect of this launch will be AMD’s 3XX series competition since NVIDIA is still managing impressive performance that’s efficient and air cooled as opposed to high power with watercooling. There’s nothing wrong with that for average consumers, but for enthusiasts, it leaves a lot less overhead that you can gain out of your card.
Pricing is definitely not on NVIDIA’s side here, so we’ll need to see if AMD is able to maintain their current ‘similar performance at a lower cost’ stance. A single 290x is not even close to the 980 Ti’s performance, but 290x CF / 295X2 will give you more raw performance if the game supports crossfire.

GTX 980 Ti   Titan X GTX 980
Clock Speed 1000MHz    1000 MHz 1126 MHz
Boost Clock 1075 MHz    1075 MHz 1216 MHz
Memory Clock 3505 MHz    3505 MHz      3505 MHz
Memory Interface   384-Bit    384-Bit 256-Bit
CUDA Cores 2816    3072 2048
VRAM 6GB    12GB 4GB

The  980ti looks like a much better value than the Titan X, and what we should expect from a flagship in performance. However, I caution everyone looking to buy one to wait 2 more weeks to see what AMD releases. It’s such a short time that I see practically no drawbacks. 

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