Nvidia to Bring Gameworks to Android


Well with the recent news about GameWorks killing competitors hardware performance. Nvidia has announced that GameWorks is coming to Android, with a lot of their sauce so developers can use their tools to make gaming engines and games for android. Nvidia says its bringing their tool set to Android called AndroidWorks to simplify the development process of the platform, the biggest new is that it works with non Nvidia chips, which should make the tool set worthwhile since you aren’t constrained to just 3 or 4 devices.

Right now AndroidWorks has been tested on the ARM based Nexus 7 2013 and the x86 based Nexus Player. The tool set has full support for profiling and debugging tools as well as integration with popular IDE’s, even for MS Visual Studio, Nvidia is claiming support for more SoC and devices will come soon with regular updates.

Source: AnandTech

I guess this was about to happen at some point give Nvidia has a line consisting 3 different devices running Android, though is really surprising their are expanding outside their own hardware which is great, though i guess people will be cautious given the recent controversy surrounding GameWorks.

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