Download Best 5 Media Players 2015 for Windows

In this article I am going to mention the best media players in terms of compatibility with Windows operating system. There are many freeware media players software in the internet world but not all of them are fully compatible for your operating system or the decoders you want them to play.

Media player is the software which plays or run your audio and video file even it can also open your image file of any extension. So in this article I am going to mention best 5 media players for your windows operating system.
1. KMP Media Player
Best 5 Media Players 2015 for Windows
KMP or KM player is the best media player in terms of compatibility issue in windows operating system. KMP stand for K-Multimedia player.
It includes almost all codecs and decoders which any video or audio file need to play. It has the wide range of subtitles formats. Kmp developers also launches kmp mobile app for iOS and android operating system.
2. VLC Media Player
Best 5 Media Players 2015 for Windows

VLC stands for video LAN client media player is one of the best windows operating system media players ever, easy to use with so many functions unlike other media players. It is the type of media player which can play any file format of video or audio even if the file is damaged or corrupt.
It is one of the most downloaded freeware open source media player in the internet, not only in windows but VLC is also very popular in other operating system including Linux, Haiku and iOS.
3. Real Player
Best 5 Media Players 2015 for Windows

Real Player is the media player uses in various operting system from mobile to PC or laptops like windows, linux, symbion, android, solaris and OS X. It is one of the better media player for online or offline purposes having more than enough audio and video extensions. It is a real player who is first capable of running media files over internet which makes it the most downloadable media player ever on pc and mobile phones.

4. K-Lite codec Media Player
Best 5 Media Players 2015 for Windows

K-Lite Codec media player has the numerous codecs for windows operating sytem only. There are 4 version or editions of k-lite codec media player and these 4 versions are given below:
1 Basic  edition which is of 11 mb size
2 Standard edition which is of 22.3 mb size
3 Full edition which is of 31.2 mb size
4 Mega edition which is of 35.3 mb size
These all four packages are according to their no. of codecs, you can see their sizes are also in increasing order which means the last one has all such codecs that a complete software need
5. Windows Media Player
Best 5 Media Players 2015 for Windows

Windows media player is the most compatible media player from all above media players. Reason for placing windows media player in 5th position is that this is the pre installed media player with windows operating system. You don’t have to install it separately as it is already come with operating system but you can upgrade it to advance version if your windows have the older version of windows media player. 

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