Learn basic SEO 2015 tips to increase blog/site traffic

Every Blogger whether he was newbie or professional spend too much time to learn seo. SEO is also divided into two parts that is On-Page SEO and off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

On-Page SEO means Optimization when you writing your post for search engine.
6 Most important factor comes in these topics that help you do on-page seo of your post for search engine was:
Title of your Post
Meta Tags [Keyword & Description]
Keyword Density
Use of HTML tags like H1 & H2 effectively
Optimize image for search engine
Neat and clean url
Title of your post
Keep in mind first impression is last impression always write interesting title of your post that everyone when see your post they will want to click on your post title. For example: if you write post about seo writes the title of your post as:
Like this: How to use seo in your blog effectively
Write your post title maximum 56 words. Keep in mind that write user friendly title as well as Search Engine Friendly also to get maximum benefit from title.
Meta Tags [Keyword and Description]

Meta tags is very useful things in on-page seo optimization, search best keyword related to your post and then add it on your first and last paragraph of you post. Then add some description about your post.
Keyword Density

Keyword Density define as How many times a keyword comes in your post?, For example:
Off-page seo optimization is really helpful in increase you visitors. off-page seo optimization is define as optimization that do for increasing your web presence and off-page seo optimization is also help in increasing your page rank. Off-page seo optimization is used by every blogger to increase his presence on net.
Here you will see that keyword off-page seo optimization comes four times this in above example. Use your main keyword only in first and last paragraph and get benefit from Google. Keep your keyword Density between 2-3% always in your post.
Use H1,H2,H3 Tags effectively on your post

Every Blogger should use H1 tags only on their post title. Use H2, H3 tags on giving headline inside there. This will benefit you giving high search engine rank on Google.
Optimize your Image from search engine

it is also useful step to optimize your post for search engine. For example when you add some new image on your post add alt tag in like if you add a image of Games give the alt tag name games, this step surely increase your visitors.
Keep your URL of your post neat and clean

useful steps for optimize your post for search engine. For example if you write a post about 10 things to know about blogging. You don’t need to add 10 no in your post url, never use comma and full stop in your post url. Apply these techniques surely you will get High search engine ranking on Google.
If you didn’t understand any step of On-page seo, Please comment below I will short out your problem as soon as possible.

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