source: via:   Quote The Intel Optane Memory SSD uses one or two single-die packages of 3D XPoint non-volatile memory to provide capacities of 16GB or 32GB. The controller gets away with a much smaller […]

  Gomez PEER is completely automatic and pays very well, which is why I favour it. I recommend it for anyone, even the most casual computer user. It is a software that runs silently in the […]

Videocardz (and a user) have leaked pictures of Sapphire’s new Rx480 cards. First one is the reference card, we already know. Sapphire has added their own backplate:     And for the main event, Sapphire’s Nitro […]

Light Meter Hero

Why do some photographers carry a separate light meter once there’s a perfectly good one engineered into their camera? in a shell, it’s because standalone incident light meters are more correct over a wider range […]

Nvidia has announced two new graphics cards! These are the first cards to be announced in their new 1000 series.   Some general information: TSMC 16nm FinFET (first time in 4 years see GPUs get […]

Another simple, fun and addictive game for Android is “Color Matching Challenge”. This game is simple to play, you have a colored platform with different colors on the screen bottom. From top different shapes with […]

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