Videocardz (and a user) have leaked pictures of Sapphire’s new Rx480 cards. First one is the reference card, we already know. Sapphire has added their own backplate:     And for the main event, Sapphire’s Nitro […]

Light Meter Hero

Why do some photographers carry a separate light meter once there’s a perfectly good one engineered into their camera? in a shell, it’s because standalone incident light meters are more correct over a wider range […]

Nvidia has announced two new graphics cards! These are the first cards to be announced in their new 1000 series.   Some general information: TSMC 16nm FinFET (first time in 4 years see GPUs get […]

Another simple, fun and addictive game for Android is “Color Matching Challenge”. This game is simple to play, you have a colored platform with different colors on the screen bottom. From top different shapes with […]

Police have raided homes in five European countries as part of a malware investigation, according to agency reports. Officers in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland raided several properties connected to suspected users of […]

When Axelle Apvrille presented her Fitbit hack at the Hacktivity Conference in Budapest earlier this month, she was amused that several audience members were sporting the fitness trackers during her talk. The Fortinet security researcher […]

Just one day after Adobe released its monthly security patches for various software including Flash Player, the company confirmed a major security vulnerability that affects all versions of Flash for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. […]

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