AMD Enjoying High Yields For Zen Based Processors – More Than 80% Of Dies Have All 8 Cores Fully Operational   Spoiler “According to a report from, they are currently enjoying yields upwards of […]

It is a know rumor that X299 chipsets being leaked everywhere. While at it, AnandTech forum member “Sweepr” posted some interesting specs about upcoming processors (could be a rumor). Listing out some interesting processor naming […]

Source:   In 2016, the National Security Agency collected more than 151 million records about Americans’ phone calls, despite Congress passing a law the previous year (the USA Freedom Act) intended to limit bulk surveillance. This number was […]

Source:   Razer announced their new mouse, the Lancehead, which claims to “outperforms every other wireless gaming mouse”. It runs on a 2.4ghz frequency but uses frequency hopping to dodge interference, that gets compounded in […]

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